Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Virginia?

Dispensaries have been around in Virginia since August of 2020. After a long wait Virginia patients can now benefit from cannabis-based oils, edibles, vapes, and topical preparations. Additionally, medical marijuana flower is also officially legal in Virginia and will be available only to medical marijuana card holders as early as September, 2021. While recreational sales will commence in 2024, only medical card holders will be able to purchase marijuana products in the three years prior.

How Can I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia?

Here is how to get a medical card in Virginia in 2021. To qualify for a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card, you must meet the following qualifications:

Medical Card In Virginia

What Conditions Are Approved for Medical Marijuana Treatment in Virginia?

In order to be approved for a medical marijuana card in Virginia, you must be diagnosed with a condition that will benefit from cannabis/marijuana treatment by a physician/doctor licensed in Virginia.

What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana Therapy?

Virginia NORML is an excellent resource if you have more questions.